Pizza Pie


Pizza Pie is a crypto project that is built on the Binance Ecosystem.
We want to be the first Take-away Pizzeria, based on a crypto system.
This will take a big revolution in the gastronomy for the following reasons:

1. We want to have the best and the happiest workers, that’s why we will offer the best market conditions to every worker. To work in Pizza Pie Stores will be a great and rewarding life experience.

2. The comunity will suggest innovative ideas and products to improve the business; we are always looking for ways to improve and innovate.

3. We will use only our Pizza Pie coin to trade in the Stores: the clients could initially buy our products with Fiat currency, but in 2 years it won’t be possible anymore! Then all clients has to buy Pizza Pie coins, so the comunity will have a double earn, because this will increase the price of our coin too.

4. 80% of the annual profit will be invested to open other Stores and increase the value of Pizza Pie coin;

5. We will produce a comic cartoon, based on everyday work “adventure” in our Pizza Pie Stores. It will entertain and engage our clients and help us to create with them a “big Family”.

With the support of the owners of the Pizza Pie coin we can be very fast the most important gastronomic chain in the world.

We believe that we have the potential to be the next Moonshot on Binance Smart Chain in 2023.